You Are Not Alone

Throughout the years, and especially today, I have met so many hurting people who felt hopeless due to their circumstances. It seems as though life and all of it’s challenges and demands takes a toll sometimes. But it doesn’t matter what you are facing today, you will survive the ordeal. If we were to remove all the facades people wear, you would see that you are not alone.

Finding the courage to confront what brought you so much pain plays an integral part in overcoming obstacles.

Hurt that is repressed will only fester like an incurable disease, but diagnosing what’s deeply affecting you will expedite the cure.

So, instead of blaming other people for what we suffer, we should learn from our life lessons and then help those in need.

Remember, your difficulties in life are temporary. One day the sun will shine again and it will all be behind you. BE ENCOURAGED!

-Dr. Loretta McIntosh

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