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Each day presents itself as a new beginning. A fresh new start from old stifling things that hinder your progress, your success. What you choose to do with each opportunity that presents itself will affect you, in some way, for the rest of your life.

One day you will discover the beauty that’s inside you and then the opinions of others will become obsolete.

When someone says, “Have a great day!” they’re actually saying, “Choose to have a great day!” It’s within your power to do so.

LOVE, there is no higher BENEVOLENT POWER!


Value other people and you will become priceless yourself.

Put in what you desire to get out of life and you will receive it. IT IS THE LAW of Reciprocity.

The longer you wait to LET GO OF THE PAST, the longer it will take to LIVE LIFE NOW.

Some say life is full of surprises, but I say life is full of whispers that were ignored until something good or bad happened.

Shall I show you a portrait of you or hold a mirror in front of you? A portrait will remind you of who you were, a mirror will reveal who you need to become. Everyday, change is inevitable.

Life is too short to just count the cost, spend some time counting the profit.

If what you love to do is not profiting you, then you might be blinded by love instead of being guided by love.

A race requires two runners in order for one to win, but life requires only you making wise choices to win.

It only takes sixty seconds for a minute to occur. And
it only takes sixty minutes for an hour to pass. Count
the seconds, minutes, and hours that have quickly passed and realize that time waits for no one. Get The Good Out Of Life while you can!

-Dr. Loretta McIntosh

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  1. I couldn’t wait to get my copy! Once I received it I have started reading it right off! The chapter 1 about mind sets is one I can identify with and has help me to understand. I can’t wait to keep reading more and more! I love motivational books and have a bookshelf that is full of them. As soon as I touched and opened the pages of this book I knew this was top notch and quality! It will be one of the most important books I will own!

    Thank You Dr. McIntosh!

  2. The title of this book speaks to me…..I have been through more in this last year than I care to speak of. I have a new found hope that as I continue to read this book I will gain knowledge of how to attain the good out of my life. If the best part of my life is on the other side of all of my pain and sufferings then I can’t wait to get there!
    Thank you Dr. McIntosh for imparting from God to help heal the world!

    • Learning how to GET THE GOOD OUT OF LIFE is what it’s all about, E. L. You now have the right mind-set. Great things are in store for you! Now, start writing your book! (smile)

  3. Once I started reading this book it was hard to stop. Get The Good Out Of Life has great insights on day to day living and how to reconnect with yourself as well as others. It’s also helping me to Extract the Good From Every Circumstance of Life!! I love the sound of that…choosing Victory instead of defeat means we always win!!!!

    Thank you Dr. McIntosh!

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