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Get the Good Out of Life Book Tour 2014!




I’d like to thank each of you for your very valuable support of my new book, GET THE GOOD OUT OF LIFE! Enjoy and SPREAD THE WORD about it!!!


Join Dr. Loretta McIntosh on her GET THE GOOD OUT OF LIFE Book Tour, 2014!


Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Book Signing, June 14th!

Saturday, June 14th @ 2pm.
Get The Good Out Of Life book signing
with author Dr. Loretta McIntosh.
Barnes & Noble (Park and Preston)
2201 Preston Rd, Suite E
PLANO, Texas 75093

Show the man in your life how much you appreciate him. This Father’s Day, give him a signed copy of Get The Good Out Of Life. A gift he will treasure.

We hope to see you there!

The Frisco Library Book Signing Was a Success!



Book lovers purchasing my new book at The Frisco Library Book Signing on March 27th.

A very special thanks to all who showed their support at the Frisco Library Book Signing.  It was a joy meeting all of you.


Share Your Comments Regarding the Book

People need encouragement in tough times. Sharing your comments of what GET THE GOOD OUT OF LIFE has done for you will inspire others. To comment or to view comments, click on THIS TITLE above and post.

You Are Not Alone

Throughout the years, and especially today, I have met so many hurting people who felt hopeless due to their circumstances. It seems as though life and all of it’s challenges and demands takes a toll sometimes. But it doesn’t matter what you are facing today, you will survive the ordeal. If we were to remove all the facades people wear, you would see that you are not alone.

Finding the courage to confront what brought you so much pain plays an integral part in overcoming obstacles.

Hurt that is repressed will only fester like an incurable disease, but diagnosing what’s deeply affecting you will expedite the cure.

So, instead of blaming other people for what we suffer, we should learn from our life lessons and then help those in need.

Remember, your difficulties in life are temporary. One day the sun will shine again and it will all be behind you. BE ENCOURAGED!

-Dr. Loretta McIntosh

Thoughts in Writing

Each day presents itself as a new beginning. A fresh new start from old stifling things that hinder your progress, your success. What you choose to do with each opportunity that presents itself will affect you, in some way, for the rest of your life.

One day you will discover the beauty that’s inside you and then the opinions of others will become obsolete.

When someone says, “Have a great day!” they’re actually saying, “Choose to have a great day!” It’s within your power to do so.

LOVE, there is no higher BENEVOLENT POWER!


Value other people and you will become priceless yourself.

Put in what you desire to get out of life and you will receive it. IT IS THE LAW of Reciprocity.

The longer you wait to LET GO OF THE PAST, the longer it will take to LIVE LIFE NOW.

Some say life is full of surprises, but I say life is full of whispers that were ignored until something good or bad happened.

Shall I show you a portrait of you or hold a mirror in front of you? A portrait will remind you of who you were, a mirror will reveal who you need to become. Everyday, change is inevitable.

Life is too short to just count the cost, spend some time counting the profit.

If what you love to do is not profiting you, then you might be blinded by love instead of being guided by love.

A race requires two runners in order for one to win, but life requires only you making wise choices to win.

It only takes sixty seconds for a minute to occur. And
it only takes sixty minutes for an hour to pass. Count
the seconds, minutes, and hours that have quickly passed and realize that time waits for no one. Get The Good Out Of Life while you can!

-Dr. Loretta McIntosh

Welcome to the Book Lounge!


Thank you for visiting the Book Lounge.  This is a place of learning and a place where the thoughts: you can become…and you are becoming…merge and create…a successful new you!

This could be the beginning of something fresh and new for you; a time of new discoveries in life and a season of advancement.  But you will never know what lies ahead without venturing into new territory, and positioning and planting yourself for new growth and development.

The challenge will be to extract the good out of life when it seems no good can be found, because good often remains hidden behind the walls of pain and suffering.  You will be amazed at how beautiful and fragrant life can be as you search for good and find it.

Those who anticipate the good will no doubt receive it.

Life is as good as gold,

Loretta McIntosh